Great to meet you!

Hello, and welcome to The Wiltshire Deer Co.

My name is Jay Hopkinson, founder of The Wiltshire Deer Co.

Born in Lancashire, my Dad placed an air-rifle in my hands on my 9th birthday – taught me the rules and principles and I’ve never looked back. A childhood spent outdoors shooting, ferreting (I have two) and fishing led naturally into work as an apprentice gamekeeper in Shropshire.  I joined the Army in 1999 and I am still serving to this day.

I am not in the business of trophy hunting. I carry out Deer Management and supply venison. I also offer clients a hunting experience where they assist me. Under my supervision they will target animals that are on an agreed cull plan.

I offer end-to-end Deer Management where animals are kept in a sustainable balance within their habitat. The culled animals are then lovingly processed into wonderful, tasty, low-fat, high protein cuts of meat, packaged and delivered the customer’s door

Those customers will have a connection with their food like no other; they will know the species, sex and age of the animal, the location it came from as well as knowing it enjoyed a free and natural life and met a swift and humane end blissfully unaware it was being hunted.

Thank you for reading,